HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap 500ml Lemon


  • HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap provides effective protection against germs while keeping the skin soft and moisturized.
  • HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap is a Pearlized Liquid Solution. It is available in Odourless, Lemon, Calamus, and Lavender fragrances.
  • Long-Lasting: Effective against most cleaning challenges.
  • Gentle: Does not strip away the skin’s natural oils and does not lead to dermatitis.
  • Ideal for use on children due to its soft formulation and containing no irritant.
  • Can be used: Healthcare (hospital, clinics, nursing homes, etc.), Home, Schools, Food handling, establishments, office buildings, factories, and other commercial facilities.

HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap 500ml Lemon – Experience cleanliness and freshness with HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap. This 500ml bottle of lemon-scented soap effectively kills germs, ensuring thorough hand hygiene. Get your hands on this invigorating cleanser now!



Product: HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap

Size: 500ml

Scent: Lemon

HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap is a product that helps keep your hands clean and free from germs. It is formulated with antibacterial properties to effectively kill bacteria and provide a thorough cleansing experience. The soap comes in a convenient 500ml size, which is perfect for use at home, in offices, or other places where hand hygiene is essential.

The lemon scent adds a refreshing and invigorating aroma to the soap, making handwashing a pleasant experience. Lemon is known for its fresh and citrusy fragrance, which leaves a lingering scent on the skin.

Using HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap regularly helps prevent the spread of germs and keeps your hands clean and protected. It is important to follow proper handwashing techniques by lathering the soap thoroughly and rinsing it off with water.

Please note that this description is fictional and may not accurately represent a specific product in the market. If you are looking for information about a real HiClean Antibacterial Liquid Soap, I recommend checking with the manufacturer or referring to the product packaging for accurate details.


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